Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hello fellow blog-readers! My name is Joe and I am a member of the Voices for Peace Institute in Eau Claire, WI. I work with Lou and we live in the same neighborhood. The Voices for Peace Institute has a simple mission: to lead our neighbors to the belief that we do not need war to solve our problems. I think this is a pretty simple idea.

The two wars we're engaged in right now are quagmires in their own rights. Ending them responsibly will require serious thought, and hopefully President Obama will take some time, along with diplomats, leaders, and military advisors, and plan our exit strategy carefully. I think war is a lot like a stab wound: the knife cuts on its way in and on its way out.

Ending the war has to be a bipartisan solution. This does not mean bending over and accepting all options. It means that we're going to have to find the middle way. What that way is, I don't know. But we are reaping the consequences for our thoughtless actions right now, in the form of blood from all sides. Neither side wants more bloodshed. Neither side wants the spectre of losing a war. Finding a way to balance those two tenets will be a challenge, but it can be and will be done. Someday, I hope to tell my future children about these wars, in the hopes that they will stand with me in opposing the next military blunder that we're getting goaded into.

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