Thursday, November 13, 2008


The other night when meeting with friends we were talking on how to reach people who are not necessarily against this war. One friend brought up a very interesting point. Most people think of wars in terms of the way wars were once fought, not the way that modern warfare has evolved. 
Back in "conventional" wars like WW1 and WWII the ratio of for civilian to soldier death was about 1 civilian for every nine soldiers. In this era of modern wars with smart bombs, shock and awe etc. the ratio is more like 9 civilians to each soldiers death. Today's wars are creating enemies in far larger numbers than we can kill them.

Reason enough for me to rethink how we choose to handle our international issues!

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Lou Recine said...

Hi Steve! Thanks for the post. I'm still planning on getting some 1:9:1 buttons made up. I think they'd be ideal for starting pro-peace/antiwar conversation. I'd think that friends are BOUND to ask: "what's up with the '1:9:1' button?" :-)