Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scenes from Afghanistan, the so-called 'Good War'

Noam Chomsky reminds his readers about the importance of not consigning recent events to oblivion if we have any hope of making lasting, positive changes in the way Americans think and most importantly in the way that the US government acts. I think that the US "Operation Enduring Freedom" is a key subject for Chomsky's advice. As far as I know, the US invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 was illegal from an international law standpoint, and possibly illegal from US law standpoint as well, depending on what aspects of the just-mentioned international laws had been previously ratified by the US Congress. It also appears to me to be illegal in a number of the ways that it is conducted. So, to serve as a visual reminder of the "recent past", today I added a slideshow to the left-hand sidebar of this blog site. The pictures, as far as I could tell, are for the most part from the initial US invasion of Afghanistan, in 2001. The source for these photos is:, accessed 11/29/08.

However: it should be noted that that the site from which I got the pictures, is NOT, by its own admission Robert Fisk's official Website. It was created by a group of individuals who share Fisk's views. From their "About Us" page: "Please note that this is not Robert Fisk's official Website. He is neither connected to it in any way nor does he have an interest in it. This Website has been created by a group of individuals who share views of Robert Fisk. It is meant to provide easy access to his articles, reports and related material."

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