Sunday, February 1, 2009

How do we know if/when we have a healthy, effective peace movement?

How do we know if and when we have a healthy, effective peace movement? There are, arguably, many, many peace and justice organizations in this state (this includes Voices For Peace Institute) and in the country, small and large, with and without paid staff...many of them are trying to either stop certain wars the U.S. is involved in and/or to prevent the U.S. from getting involved in future wars. And yet...congressional election cycle after congressional election cycle comes and goes, and presidential election cycle after presidential election cycle comes and goes, and, it seems to this observer that the U.S. remains firmly entrenched in militaristic thinking and behavior...using its military (or by proxy, the militaries of other nations) to get its way abroad.

How can you and I know when and if American peace groups have even begun to change the way voters think and vote, and the way the federal government behaves, when it comes to the military-industrial-congressional-corporate-complex? What does this kind of a political milieu look like?