Saturday, September 26, 2009

U.S. and Israeli hypocrisy in the matter of Iran's nuclear plants?

I am struggling to understand what all the alarm about Iran's nuclear facilities is about. Particularly the sense of alarm emanating from the U.S. and Israeli governments. It's very difficult for me not to see dangerous hypocrisy in the U.S. and Israel in this. Iran claims that even its most recently revealed nuclear plant is for peaceful purposes. But even if it were not, what gives the U.S. or Israel the right to voice opposition to Iran because of this (which is what I gather from recent news reports)? I have even detected veiled threats in the news of either the U.S. or Israel taking military action against Iran on account of its nuclear plants. Does not the U.S. and Israel both possess nuclear weapons? Has not the U.S. used nuclear weapons against civilian populations, with no guarantees it will not use them again? If the U.S. is serious about a nuclear-weapons free world - particularly in the middle east-- it and Israel should have taken the lead years ago in disarming, under a internationally-agreed upon inspections apparatus. I hope it is not yet too late.

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