Monday, February 14, 2011

After the Revolution: Mubarak is Gone After 30 Years in Power, But Questions Remain as to How Transition Will Proceed

Notwithstanding the title of this post...seems to me that in Egypt there is hope mixed with strong concern as the Egyptian revolution CONTINUES...

The success of the revolution is significant. If it succeeds, it seems to me that there's a greater than 50% chance that a near-future Egyptian government will be able to pressure Israel to behave in a more civilized manner towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Also, perhaps the Egyptian government would also allow aid into Gaza through its common border.

Any developments that tend towards Israel treating Palestinians justly can only be good for peace in the region. Maybe even peace in the world in general. It's my sense that mistreatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank fuels the anger of fundamentalist Islamic groups and makes it easier for those groups to recruit.

The ultimate goal would be the creation of a truly sovereign Palestinian state within its pre-1967 borders, living in peace and security next to Israel.

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